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LegalShield: Affordable Legal Help in North America

Legal issues are part of life in Southern California, especially in these times. James, Lake & Associates helps clients across North America connect with LegalShield, the easy and affordable legal help needed to answer these problems. Click the button below and ask us for more information about how LegalShield and IDShield can ease your mind.

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LegalShield: Legal Aid for Southern California & Beyond

LegalShield protects and empowers families, individuals, and small businesses by offering affordable access to legal services. The new and enhanced legal plans now give members access to a designated law firm, at a fraction of the cost of what most lawyers charge per hour. By having James, Lake & Associates connect you with LegalShield, quality legal aid is at your disposal.

The question is:

  • Have you ever paid a bill for a repair that you knew was unfair?
  • Have you ever been party to a Tenant /Landlord dispute?
  • When was the last time you updated your will? Do you have a will?
  • Have you ever needed help with a IRS audit?
  • Have you ever had a warranty on an appliance that was not honored?
  • Have you ever signed a contract or document that you did not truly understand?
  • Have you ever been detained by a law officer and not known who to call?
  • Have you ever received a traffic moving violation and wanted to defend it?

Things happen to us all the time that we don’t challenge legally because we fear the high cost of getting legal advice or representation. Depending on where you live and what your problem is, it can cost you over three hundred dollars an hour to get good legal support.

LegalShield changes all of that.

Just like a Homeowner’s Insurance plan covers your home and a health care plan covers your family’s health care needs, a plan with LegalShield covers your family’s legal needs. For a small monthly fee, you will have on retainer an entire LAW FIRM that will provide a suite of legal services...including services like having your will prepared for you, contracts & documents reviewed, letters or phone calls on your behalf, and traffic tickets representation.

LegalShield has millions of members on the plan. They take a portion of their membership fees and pool their buying power together and retain high powered law firms on their behalf. So, you are neither calling a call center nor dealing with a para-legal. Their system allows you to work directly with attorneys that have an average of twenty-two years of experience. You have access to not one attorney but the whole law firm.

If you could pick up the phone and ask an attorney any personal legal question and know that you are not going to receive a large hourly bill afterward, would you make the call? Then contact James, Lake & Associates today to be connected to LegalShield.

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Legal Help for Anyone in Southern California

James, Lake & Associates

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