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Do You Have a Claim? Social Security Disability Consulting for North America

If you are considering filing a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance, then you need a consultant that serves you like a personal assistant. With concierge Social Security Disability consulting available across the United States, James, Lake & Associates has successfully won hundreds of thousands of dollars for our deserving clients. Our Southern California firm offers our professional assistance to ensure you receive a fair consideration of your claim, and we work to make the claims process as stress-free as possible.

Case Assessment: What Qualifies as a Disability?
James, Lake & Associates begins our concierge Social Security consulting by performing a case assessment. During the assessment, we help you know what qualifies as a disability and then evaluate your chances of winning your claim with Social Security. We determine whether your information meets any of the Social Security Disability Listings.

Document Preparation
Once we have determined how your Social Security Insurance (SSI) case can be won, we will develop your entire case. From the initial application to (if necessary) the Administrative Law Judge appeal, our firm stands by you throughout your SSDI claims process.

Acquisition of Medical/Psychiatric Records
In most cases, it will be necessary for us to gather the information about your condition and that includes your diagnosis, treatments, medications, and other information as to why you are disabled.

 Concierge SSI Consulting
 Concierge SSI Consulting

Limited Case Management
When needed, we make referrals to medical specialists trained to diagnose, treat, and provide reports that could help you complete the claims process. When applicable, we also refer to county treatment facilities, including regional centers.

Answering Your Questions: “How Much Does SSI Pay?” and More

Every case is different, and you may have several questions about your own claim. “How much does SSI pay?” “When can I expect my benefits?” “Do I need to update my claim?” James, Lake & Associates is happy to help you find the answers to each of your questions and to resolve your concerns promptly.

Get Our Social Security Disability Assistance in Southern California: Home Visits & Virtual Online Meetings

An exciting benefit for the clients of James, Lake & Associates can expect from our services is that they can enjoy the best possible representation without having to leave their homes. Our Social Security Disability assistance is made possible through consultations that can be conducted through in-person visits to your home or by way of a virtual online meeting. Through that meeting, we will determine if your case can be won and how to win it in the fastest, most efficient way.

With more than 20 years of experience and knowledge of the Social Security system, our assistance greatly enhances your chances of receiving Social Security Disability Benefits. Contact James, Lake & Associates to schedule a concierge consultation and find out how we can help you.

James, Lake & Associates

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