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ID Shield Identity Theft Protection in North America

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes across North America. If you have not yet been impacted by identity theft, you most likely know someone who has. Having your identity stolen could prevent you from receiving Social Security Disability benefits. James, Lake & Associates helps Southern California clients prevent identity theft by connecting you with ID Shield.

ID Shield provides 3 layers of protection to keep your identity safe:

1. Robust monitoring:
What that means is everything gets monitored. Social Security Number, medical ID, bank accounts, social media accounts, e-mail accounts, credit cards, loans and much more. And you receive alerts through your smart phone.

2. Privacy and Reputation Management:
What that means is…you have privacy consultants that are available to help you 24/7 to walk you through the steps to better protect your privacy and reputation so you can enjoy your time online without worry. 

3. Full-Service Restoration by a Private licensed Investigator:
This is a big one. All the other similar services will coach you on the phone on what you need to say and do. ID Shield’s Licensed Private Investigators do the work to restore your identity back to its pre-identity theft status. What that means is: if you or a covered member of your family ever become a victim of Identity theft, a licensed investigator will actually do all the work on your behalf to restore your identity.

The Investigator will make the phone calls, do all the legwork, all the paperwork all the affidavits-everything, so you don’t have to spend all those hours trying to restore your good name. You can get back to your life, back to work, back to enjoying your family knowing that ID Shield is working for you. Click the link below to get more information on how to enroll in ID Shield.

 Identity Theft Protection in North America

Try Southern California Choice in ID Theft Insurance

With all the breaches, hacks, and unread “terms of conditions” present online, there is a very real possibility that your information is already on the dark web, waiting to be purchased and used by someone you never met. ID Shield is designed to keep your information safe. To learn more, call James, Lake & Associates now and schedule a convenient consultation.

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