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North America Asks Us for Social Security Disability Appeal Assistance

If you have applied for Social Security Disability Insurance and your case was denied, you still have options to help you obtain the benefits you deserve. Based in Southern California and serving clients across North America, James, Lake & Associates offers concierge consulting and documentation support during your Social Security Disability appeal. We offer a hands-on approach and Limited Case Management to help you navigate the appeals process.

Why Did I Face A Social Security Disability Denial?

It may feel frustrating to have your initial claim denied, but it is actually not uncommon for the initial claim to be refused. Reasons why you may have recevied a Social Security Disability Denial include:

  • Your disability is based on an addiction, or the SSA thinks your disability lacks the severity or longevity to warrant the need for support.
  • The SSA cannot find you in their system, or someone else is using your Social Security Number.
  • You have been convicted of fraud, you have earned too much income, or you failed to follow your doctor’s prescribed therapy.

If your claim was initially denied based on one of these reasons, you can file a Social Security Disability appeal to contest the decision. If you have received a denial notice withing the last 2 months, you may be eligible for a reconsideration or an appeal before an Administrative Law Judge. 

If You Have Been Denied Disability, Call Now

An SSDI denial does not mean that you cannot receive the benefits you deserve, but you have to navigate the SSDI appeal or reconsideration carefully. Luckily, you have a concierge consultant by your side. James, Lake & Associates helps you determine why you were denied disability, which approach is right for you, and how to argue your case in light of that denial.

You are only a phone call away from having us assess your appeals case. Contact our office today.

SSDI Denial in Southern California

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