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Ongoing Support for Continuing Disability in California

The benefits you receive from your Social Security Disability claim only last so long, and you often have to have those benefits reviewed to continue receiving them. James, Lake & Associates offers ongoing support for clients in North America who currently have disability benefits and plan on continuing disability. If you need any help with keeping your benefits, our concierge consultants and disability advocates are only a phone call away.

Did you get these forms from the Social Security Administration?

  • A Notice of Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Form: When a person is granted disability benefits he/she is given a “Diary Date”. What that means is the date when they would review the case again to determine if he/she continues to be disabled. The date can range from 1-7 years.
  • The Disability Update Report: This report allows the SSA to determine if you have experienced substantial medical improvement, which may be significant enough that you no longer require benefits. However, if there is no medical improvement, your benefits will continue.
  • The Representative Payee Report: This form is needed when the SSA finds that an individual needs help managing their money. The form outlines who will have your permission to manage your money.
  • The Notice of Disability Cessation Letter because of Substantial Gainful work: Individuals who receive Social Security Disability benefits and are under the age of FULL RETIREMENT cannot work in gainful employment and receive SSDI benefits.  If Social Security believes you have engaged in “Substantial Gainful Activity” meaning work that is done for pay or profit your payment may stop. 

James, Lake & Associates reviews all documentation involved in your continuing benefits. Then, we help you file that documentation with the Social Security Administration. If an appeal is necessary to help you retain your benefits, we also file an appeal with the Administrative Law Judge. With our personalized, hands-on approach to case management, we help you retain your benefits.

Applying for Benefits in Southern California? Ask Our Disability Advocates for Help

For more than 20 years, our Southern California firm has helped our clients win hundreds of thousands of dollars. James, Lake & Associates brings that same care and support when reviewing and filing your own continuing disability review form. Our disability advocates are happy to give you the support you need when you need it.

Let James, Lake & Associates assist you today. To schedule your case assessment meeting, call us now.


Applying for Benefits in Southern California? Ask Us for Help with Your Continuing Disability Review Form

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